Government to subsidise interlock devices

I have just had a successful application by a client who wanted to apply for an interlock following a drink driving offence  which usually would result in a driving ban.

My client had over three drink driving offences and normally would have usually been subject to having his vehicle confiscated.  However, he was able to keep his vehicle as he was able to show the court that the confiscation would cause him extreme hardship as he needed a vehicle to run his business.

However, there is not much point in having a vehicle which you cannot drive and so I also obtained an interlock device for the client which would allow him to continue to drive.   The machines force drivers to blow into a breathalyser before their car will start. If they have alcohol on their breath, it won’t start and a record of the attempt to drive is made.

In this case the client seemed to have an alcohol dependency problem which stemmed from on-going depression and he was desperate to turn things around.   However, until he got counselling and conquered his addiction controlling his alcohol consumption was not a simple matter.   The interlock device was perfect for him as it enabled him to drive responsibly while getting on with his life and also benefitting the community as because he was able to work rather than go on the benefit.  It will also ensure he drives safely while he rehabilitates from his alcohol problem.

The interlock device is expensive to fit and so it is beyond the reach of many – However, it has just been announced that the Government, after a trial programme,  is planning on subsidising the devices making them more accessible to those on lower incomes which is great news.   They make the roads safer and help rehabilitate those with alcohol problems in the community.

I can assist in making applications where eligible  for the non-confiscation of vehicles, interlock devices and limited licences.