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Kia Ora and Welcome to Rupert Ward Barrister Immigration Services

Realise your New Zealand Dream

Helping people immigrate to New Zealand since 1992

Immigration is a hugely challenging step in people lives with much uncertainty though out the procedure. Rupert Ward and his experienced team aims to assist you with every element of the immigration process and give you the best likelihood of success in all immigration matters.

The office of Rupert Ward provides specialist immigration advice and solutions to help individuals, families and employers with all aspects of immigration law.

Immigration Advice

With a proven track record and a history of focus on immigration issues, Rupert is in a great position to advise and assist with all aspects of New Zealand immigration.
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Visa Applications

The office of Rupert Ward can give you the best likelihood of success with residence class applications including Skilled Migrant, Business, Family and Work categories.
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Tribunals & Appeals

New Zealand Immigration and Protection Tribunal applications, character waivers, Section 61 applications, residence and deportation appeals.
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Job Seekers

The office of Rupert Ward offers referral to a job seeker programme and legal support to assist you to secure a fair employment relationship in New Zealand.
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Immigration Advice

Immigration law expert, Rupert Ward, can provide you with the expertise and support to help you to achieve your immigration goals. Have your important questions about immigration to New Zealand answered. Rupert can support you to manage your own application or dealings with Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

Visa Applications

The office of Rupert Ward can assist you throughout the entire visa application process no matter what type of New Zealand visa you are applying for.

New Zealand has a multitude of visa categories including:

  • Partnership and Family Visas
  • Work to Residence
  • Skilled Migrant
  • Visitor Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Post Study Visas
  • Business Visas
  • Investor Visas

Rupert can determine the most appropriate visa category for your situation and ensure the best likelihood of success with your application.

Tribunals & Appeals

The office of Rupert Ward is able to handle New Zealand Immigration and Protection Tribunal applications, deportations, high court appeals, appeals to the minister.

Rupert represents clients in appeals concerning:

  • decisions about residence class visas
  • decisions about the recognition of a person as a refugee or protected person
  • liability for deportation
  • Section 61 Immigration Act applications
  • Character waivers
  • Applications for exception to immigration instructions

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Job Seeker Programme

Securing suitable employment is an important step in immigrating to New Zealand and Rupert and his team are able to help you with this. Where appropriate, Rupert refers his clients to a job seeker programme which can deliver the following:

  1. Support and reassurance when the client knows that they need a job to move further
  2. Referral to recruitment professionals who will examine your case for no charge
  3. A letter of direction to show you where to turn to next in your search for employment
  4. A suggested New Zealand style CV for you to copy
  5. Employment support and direction, dealing with employers and assisting you to finalise the job offer where possible

Once actual job negotiation has become necessary, Rupert offers legal support to assist with finalising a fair employment relationship inside New Zealand.

Of course only the client can get the final job but as much support, as possible, helps tremendously in what is a challenging time.

Free Initial Consultation

To help you determine if our immigration service is the best fit for your situation, we offer a free initial immigration consultation. Simply fill in your details in the form below and we will give you the details of how we can maximise your likelihood of success.

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