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Family Law

Rupert Ward, Family Lawyer

Rupert Ward, Family Lawyer

Family break ups and the legal issues which follow are often very stressful for those involved. Emotions can run very high. Rupert Ward is a family lawyer who is experienced at resolving complicated relationship property matters. Rupert provides advice which is strategic and practical and he focuses on getting issues resolved quickly. Whether settling your case informally or through court litigation Rupert’s experience will guide you so that your relationship property is divided in a way which is the best possible outcome for you. For those couples with children Rupert can guide you when it comes to your legal rights and responsibilities for the care of your children. Rupert’s experience includes custody, child support payments and protection orders application.

Family and relationship property disputes are a difficult time for any person. Rupert’s expertise in family law dates back 30 years and includes private practice and local government work in New Zealand and United Kingdom. As a family relationship property lawyer, Rupert’s focus in settling and resolving the financial and property aspects of your case are to achieve a fair and equitable settlement. No-one wants an expensive court case if it can be avoided but the you need to be able to go to court in the event that you are treated unfairly.

If mental health issues are present in the family, this can make resolution very difficult. Rupert is willing to assist clients in this situation through legal aid, given his heavy expertise in mental health law.


Please send a message through the enquiry form or email to initially describe your situation and Rupert will contact you to discuss your objectives.

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