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Areas of Practice, Advice and Litigation

Rupert Areas of practice are Civil litigation, Employment, Relationship Property, Criminal, New Zealand Immigration. Rupert regularly appears or presents to the District and High courts and in Tribunals.

Rupert has a broad area of practice due to his varied base of practical experience in a number of New Zealand and international fields in a career of over 25 years. Unlike many lawyers, of his level of experience, Rupert enjoys handling matters in a range of legal areas. If a matter is outside his sphere of expertise or experience he will refer it to a specialist in that area.

New Zealand Immigration

Immigration is a hugely significant decision in a clients life with every aspect of their family, employment and business impacted. As one of the most experienced Immigration professionals (over a number of capacities) in New Zealand, Rupert uses his experience to help his clients. Rupert handles all nature of immigration matters from Business Immigration, Skilled migration, Investor applications, Working and Student Visas, Section 61 applications, IRT reviews to Deportation appeals, Character Waivers.

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Relationship Property

Family and relationship property disputes are a difficult time for any person. Rupert’s expertise in family law dates back 25 years and includes private practice and local government work in New Zealand and United Kingdom. Rupert’s focus in settling and resolving the financial and property aspects of the clients’ case are to achieve a fair and equitable settlement. No-one wants an expensive court case if it can be avoided but the client needs to be able to go to court in the event that they are treated unfairly.

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Civil Litigation

In the field of civil litigation Rupert is focused on settlement of disputes but will not hesitate to put his clients’ case forward with determination and strength when required, especially important in matters of financial or contractual dispute. With an experience in business for over 20 years, Rupert has an insightful understanding of the realities of the commercial field.

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Employment Law

Employment law is a civil area focused on the relationship of employee and employer and from whichever perspective Rupert is fighting, he ensures his client interests are protected. Be it personal grievance or an employer with a seemingly impossible problem with a staff member Rupert is very interested to assist.

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Traffic & Criminal Law

Criminal law is a complex and demanding field of practice. In this area Rupert is committed to representing his clients to maximise their position and deal with issues at a stressful time, whether it be traffic or criminal Rupert will put his clients’ best case forward. Rupert has extensive experience in getting drivers back on the road after they have been disqualified from driving and has specialist expertise and knowledge in representing clients on limited licence applications.

As an approved Ministry of Justice Mental Health Provider, Rupert knows mental health involves vulnerable clients who need patient, firm advice and representation.

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