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Immigration – Job search and employment negotiations

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Rupert Ward is experienced in employment matters and can assist immigrating clients and employers with contractual employment term negotiation. This takes a weight away from the employers concern and makes the job search function a lot easier for the client seeking to work in New Zealand as it offers my clients support and strength in what is an unequal relationship when a migrant is overseas looking for work.


Of course getting employment is important for clients and it is hard to know where to start as an intending migrant to New Zealand

Rupert can refer clients to a job seeker programme which means that when a client needs to investigate employment opportunities, the programme and independent recruitment advisors can deliver the following:

1) Support and reassurance when the client knows that they need a job to move further
2) Referral to recruitment professionals who will examine your case for no charge.
3) A letter of direction to show you where to turn to next in your search for employment
4) A suggested New Zealand style C.V. for you to copy
5) Employment support and direction, dealing with employers and assisting you to finalise the job offer where possible

Once actual job negotiation has become necessary Rupert offers legal support to assist to finalise a fair employment relationship inside New Zealand.

Of course only the client can get the final job but as much support, as possible, helps tremendously in what is a challenging time.

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