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Traffic Offences

Rupert Ward, traffic lawyer

traffic-lawRupert Ward is a traffic law expert with extensive experience in getting drivers back on the road after they have been disqualified from driving. Whether excessive demerit points, excess breath alcohol or some other circumstance has led to the temporary loss of your driving licence my knowledge of traffic related applications (such as limited licences) and through drafting skills often means the police do not oppose the application and they are frequently granted by the court. Rupert works with his clients to accommodate their immediate need to drive – be it for work or for other specified reasons (such as education or childcare). He also has extensive knowledge of sentencing for traffic related offences and frequently is instructed to make submissions concerning special circumstances, the confiscation of vehicles and the substitution of a disqualification with a community based sentence.

Rupert is a traffic lawyer who will put your best case forward.

Please send a message through the enquiry form or email to initially describe your situation and Rupert will contact you to discuss your objectives.

Driving Offences

Driving offences are classified in the same way as other offences under New Zealand’s criminal justice system. There area number of different offence categories of greater seriousness starting with “infringement offences”, which don’t give you a criminal record. These include common traffic offences such as parking offences and most speeding offences. Then there are Categories 1, 2 and 3, which are are dealt with by the standard criminal court processes and give you a criminal record if convicted. Penalties for Category 1 offences can be fines or community-based sentences such as community work. You can choose not to go to court and enter your plea in writing. Penalties for Category 2 and 3 offences can potentially include prison terms and a court appearance is mandatory.

Examples of driving offences

Infringement offences

Category 1 driving offences

Category 2 driving offences

Category 3 driving offences


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