Brexit – Making a move to New Zealand?

Brexit: The UK has voted in favour of exiting the EU . It is a shock to many and one does wonder if those voting to leave understood the stability that the EU has progressively brought to Europe since the mid 20th century …  This will have many implications for the UK’s economy, immigration and its place in the world.

My office has already had queries from people from Britain who are disgruntled and disappointed and feel that the decision to leave will bring austerity.  They are already starting to make queries to my office about the possibility of emigrating to New Zealand.

My personal view is the Britain is a dynamic country whose people and leadership are not solely determined by their membership of the union but clearly there will be consequences.

The decision to exit the European Union also raises many immigration issues including:

  • Will people from the EU be able to stay in the UK?
  • Will people from the UK already living in Europe be able to remain?

In time, when a deal is done, the way forward will be clear but presently there is uncertainty.

Many different people may find themselves looking for a new place to live.   Some people may not wish to wait until negotiations are complete.  After all, this decision leaves lives in limbo.

Only time will tell.

If you are interested in moving to New Zealand there are many immigration routes.  With 25 years immigration experience I have many contacts in the recruitment and employment field and I can investigate whether you would be able to move to New Zealand.  Please visit my website to lodge an enquiry on line and I will arrange a free initial consultation where possible.   Please mention Brexit when contacting me.